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Before you begin:

Applicants: Each individual that will be living in the residence and is over the age of 18 must complete a separate application. Application fee is $45.00 per applicant and is non-refundable. The application fee is a one-time fee per individual and is not considered a holding fee nor can it be used for any other fees other than the application fee. In addition to this rental application, you will also be required to provide a copy of a valid form of identification and proof of income.

To complete this rental application, you must be prepared to provide the following:

  • 3 years of residential history as well as contact information for your rental references. 
  • Proof of your monthly income, (2) current paychecks stubs and/or letter from your direct supervisor or Human Resources, and/or bank statements showing proof of available funds.
  • Copy of your Drivers License, Military ID, State ID or current Passport.
  • Application fee
  • Application filled out
  • Proof of Tenant’s Liability Insurance (Realty Boulevard will automatically set up Liability Insurance
  • at Tenant expense of $9.50 per month, paid in addition to Rent if Tenant doesn’t provide proof)

*If not done correctly or completely this could put a hold on processing the application*

A property will not be taken off the market until the required non-refundable hold fee has been paid (typically 1/2 of rental amount). Once taken off the market, the hold fee is non-refundable unless you do NOT get approved based on the complete and accurate information and documentation you provide us. It takes approximately 72 business hours to process applications once all documents are received by Realty Boulevard. 

The information provided herein may be used by the landlord or their agent to determine whether to accept this application. Upon written request within 30 days, the landlord or his agent will disclose to applicant in writing the nature and scope of any investigation landlord has requested, and will, if this application is refused, state in writing the reason for said refusal.

Applicant authorizes the landlords contact past and present landlord, employees, creditors, credit bureaus, neighbors and other sources deemed necessary to investigate applicant. All information is true, accurate and complete to the best of applicant knowledge. Landlord reserves the right to disqualify tenant if information is not as represented. Any person or firm is authorized to release information about the undersigned upon presentation of this form or a photocopy of this form at anytime. In the event that there is still monies owed after move out tenant will authorize landlords to run the necessary credit checks and background checks needed to collect funds owed to owner/landlord.

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Application fee: $45.00